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Welcome to   MULDAN-DAVID INC,

A Private Service Bureau Licensed with the DMV

MULDAN-DAVID INC can assist you in all your trucking needs. We work on a daily basis with all the CITY & STATE AGENCIES including the NYS DMV, NYS DOT, FMCSA, NYC DOT, STATE and CITY TAX DEPARTMENTS and more.

At MULDAN-DAVID INC we understand what your needs are. We have been in the trucking industry for over 20 years, from driving to owning our own trucks. We understand and know all the DMV and DOT rules and regulations that are necessary to operate legally.

Let MULDAN-DAVID INC take the hassle out of the complicated and time-consuming web of paperwork. We can assist you whether you are just starting out or you have a FLEET of TRUCKS.

We are licensed by the NYS DMV and appointed by the NYS and NYC DOT to issue OS/OD permits. In addition, we are appointed by the NYS DEPT of TAX & FINANCE to issue NYS Highway Use Tax Permits and IFTA Permits directly from our office.

We are very proud of our professional and personal dedication that we give to all our clients. We are very well known throughout the industry and continue to grow due to the overwhelming number of referrals we receive.

Additionally we have a professional team of attorneys to assist you with traffic D.O.T violations.

Call today and let one of our professional service agents at MULDAN-DAVID INC show you how to keep your FLEET RUNNING LEGALLY and COST EFFECIENTLY.

Online Fleet Management

MULDAN-DAVID INC has developed an online fleet management program for the trucking industry that will revolutionize your record keeping system. Our program is designed to keep all information pertaining to your company and equipment up to date.

If you would like to advertise on our site please contact us at: 1-718-896-1902

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This transaction or service is also available at no charge directly from the Official Department of Motor Vehicles website at